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Zakynthian Kitchen

Taste of the Mediterranean

fagita-2-g-98x300What is it that distinguishes Septinsular cooking from that of any other part of Greece?

It is of course, the local customs, historical circumstances, economic potentials and available ingredients. On the whole, fagita-1-165x300however, the Septinsular kitchen is truly Mediterrranean:

It is defined by the use of virgin olive oil, it neutralizes the acidity of tomatoes and lemons with garlic and prefers fragrant greens to hot spices. Zakynthos has many olive trees and produces oil that can be counted among the tastiest in Greece. As a result, Zakynthian recipes are rich in olive oil. They do not change from year to year and have a heady dose of garlic. "Sartsa" can be considered the "national" dish: ox meat or beef cooked in a casserole dish, with tomatoes, garlic, "ladotyri" and a little oregano. Other standard Zakynthos recipes are "Skordostoumbi", made with aubergines and large quantities of garlic.


Other specialities are the local "ladotyri", a spicy cheese made from goat's milk stored in clay jars filled with fagita-4-g-300x147olive oil and the local "myzithra" cheese, made salted or unsalted. Myzithra is even eaten with sugar or huney. Celebrated Zakynthos foods are bread baked by Zakynthians in their homes, as well as the desserts, such as "mantolato" (Zakynthos is considered its homeland), made from egg white, roasted almonds, honey or sugar, and "pasteli", the ancient Greek sweet made with sesame seeds, honey and almonds.



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