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Caretta Caretta

Late in the morning a comfortable bus will pick you up from the hotel and will take you to the most southwest part of Zakynthos at Limni Keri.  There you will get in a traditional boat that called "kaiki" to see the huge sea turtles Caretta-Caretta.
The first visit is at Keri Caves where you will have the chance to swim in the crystal blue waters and admire the amazing variety of colors that reflects in the vaults and the caves. In combination with the steep cliffs make an impressive landscape that no one will ever forget.
Leaving from Keri Caves you will see the sea turtles. The appearance of the sea turtle Caretta-Caretta is an integral part of the tour and makes a special impression on tourists. After meeting with a turtle, you can swim at the beach of .Maratonissi Island. This beach is one of the main places that Caretta-Caretta lays its eggs. The untouched beauty of this beach, the golden sand and the crystal clear water off the coast create a sense of exoticism, tranquility and isolation.



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