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Alykanas and Alykes have practically merged into one, as there is only 1km between the two resorts. Alykanas is spread out across the fertile plain amongst olive groves and has a large selection of shops, bars, restaurants and tavernas which are quiet and relaxing in low season, but considerably lively in the high season.

A blend of traditional Greek character and modern amenities make this small resort an ideal retreat for families and couples looking to unwind by day and enjoy some spirited evenings in a resort where you can gain a real insight into the local way of life. On the outskirts is the original picturesque village now known as Old Alykanas, scattered with local tavernas serving inviting international cuisine and delicious Greek dishes.

Your stay
Alykanas is a popular resort that offers a wide range of hotels, studios, apartments and bungalows at both busy and quieter spots. You can enjoy the level of service you require for relaxation and comfortable vacations! You may choose among several price classes.

There is regular bus service to the town of Zakynthos. One can also rent a car, jeep, bike or bicycle.

There are nice restaurants in Alykanas, varying from excellent tavernas offering extensive menus from Greek and International cuisine, to the quick solution of Fast food type restaurants. Some of the tavernas in Alykanas, besides the local delicacies, offer you the experience of singing and dancing with traditional Greek music!

Alykanas beach is a continuation of the coastline golden sand from Alykes. The long, sandy, shallow beach of Alykanas is one of the most beautiful in Zakynthos. You can find a few cafes and eateries along the soft sandy beach and enjoy the view of the shimmering sunsets sinking into the horizon. A continuation of Alykanas beach is Amoudi Beach. Amoudi is sandy beach with crystal clear waters superb for a refreshing swim.

One can find almost everything at the center of Alykanas, from money exchange offices to bakeries and from gift-shops to jewelry and leather clothes shops.

Alykanas offers a unique experience to the visitor, as there are many bars, cafés, clubs and restaurants offering a great range of possibilities.



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