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Alykes village is located 18 km to the north-west of Zakynthos town. Alykes means a Salt Lake- a place of production of salt when it is made by evaporating sea water under the influence of heat from the sun and wind. Alykes nowadays is a widely renowned resort with a great sandy beach, a real tourist magnet during the summer. One can visit the old (16th cent.) St. John the Baptist Monastery. Other sights that are worth a visit are: the famous Navagio (Shipwreck) and the Cape Schinari with its wonderful caves, with therapeutic waters and spectacular sunlight reflections, making the water change through a kaleidoscope of colors. Alykes village is very friendly and great for families. It was built on a flat spot, which is great for cyclists who can also visit the nearby areas of Tragaki and Planos. If you walk along the beach of Alykes, you will reach the village of Alykanas. It is a small, traditional village built around a church and a small marketplace, surrounded by fertile fields and many farms. The beach there has fine sand, and you may also enjoy your favorite water sport (jet-skis or windsurfing).

Your stay at Alykes
Alykes is a friendly and popular resort, offering a wide range of hotels, studios, apartments and bungalows at both busy and quieter spots. You can enjoy the level of service you require for relaxation and comfortable vacations!
You may choose among several price classes. 

There is regular bus service to the town of Zakynthos. One can also rent a car, jeep, bike or bicycle.

There are quite a few nice restaurants in Alykes, varying from excellent tavernas offering extensive menus from Greek and International cuisine, to the quick solution of Fast food type restaurants. Some of the tavernas in Alykes, besides the local delicacies, offer you the experience of singing and dancing with traditional Greek music!

The long, sandy, shallow beach of Alykes is one of the most beautiful in Zakynthos. The old salt works (behind the beach) use to provide all the salt the island needed. The beach is also ideal for water sports, as there aren't any Caretta- Caretta turtle nests, and so power-driven boats are allowed.

You can find almost everything at the center of Alykes, from money exchange offices to bakeries and from gift-shops to jewelries and leather clothes shops.

Alykes offers a unique experience to the visitor, as there are many bars, cafés, clubs and restaurants offering a great range of possibilities.



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