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Limni Keri Zakynthos

Keri is a small village located about 19 km south-west of Zakynthos town, overlooking the deep blue of the Ionian Sea. More specifically, Keri is separated into 2 parts: the beautiful, populous village situated on a lush, pine-covered hill and the other is called "Limni Keriou" (Keri Lake) located in the coastal gulf of Keri(which belongs to Laganas Bay), with a beautiful beach and a small port.
The main feature of the mountainous part of Keri village is the old stone houses and narrow streets. Those old houses have survived the earthquake of 1953 and are great samples of the local traditional architecture.
One of the most popular places in Keri is only 1 km far from the village: The lighthouse of Keri offers a great view to the eternal blue of the Ionian Sea, on top of a 300m high cliff. This lighthouse has guided ships for more than a century. The view from there is really breath-taking! The rocky landscape and the steep cliff match perfectly with one of the most spectacular sunset views!
Limni Keriou (Keri´s Lake in Greek) is named after a lake that existed there a long time ago. Today the lake has dried up. Limni Keriou is 4 km from the village, and you will actually find it first on the way up to Keri village.
The small port at Limni Keriou can harbor small boats and is the best place for such boats in that area.
At Limni Keriou you can hire a boat to take you to Marathonissi Island, to Marathias beach and the Blue Caves of Keri.
The Mizithres, two huge white rocks under the lighthouse of Keri, are one more natural wonders of the area. Beyond them, the sea gets rough for small boats.
Keri is a really fantastic place, where natural beauty matches perfectly the warmth of local hospitality, the green mountains blend with the blue sea and relaxation meets with absolute excitement!
Your visit to Keri will surely be remembered as a special experience!
Your stay
Keri is a developed resort, offering a wide selection of lodging houses, from simple furnished apartments to big stone-built houses that can accommodate a whole family, offering every modern convenience at reasonable prices.
You will also find well-kept rooms with prim gardens and traditional architecture because the local people want to preserve the traditional style of their village. Big hotels complexes are not available, and that is one reason why the picturesque village still retains its character.
Although Keri is not so busy like the other crowded resorts in Zakynthos, the area provides everything you need for relaxing, comfortable holidays. There are also super-markets, a gas station and other shops.
There is a regular bus service to Zakynthos town. You may also rent a car or bikes in Keri.
Also if you have a boat or yacht, you can easily anchor at the local port.
There are nice traditional taverna's where you can enjoy local dishes, fresh fish and excellent locally produced wine. Some of the taverna's also offer live Greek music with traditional singing and dancing.
You can also find Italian restaurants.
The beach in Keri has a shoreline covered with small round pebbles. There are sun beds and umbrellas for rent, and the nearby taverna's offer a nice solution for a great meal next to the sea.
There are small boats for rent at reasonable prices, also pedalos and canoes to explore the nearby beaches!
The Keri area is part of Laganas Bay, which is under the supervision of the Greek National Marine Park, due to the fact that the Caretta- Caretta sea turtle needs the beaches for its reproduction. This means that power boats are not allowed at Keri, only small speed boats under certain conditions.
Setting off from Keri, you can visit Marathonissi Island and the Blue caves by rented boat.
Marathonissi is opposite Keri, a small island with lush vegetation, sandy beaches, beautiful sea-caves and crystal-clear, blue waters that will make you feel like you're in Paradise! The sandy beach at Marathonissi is one of the reproduction areas that the famous Caretta- Caretta sea turtle uses to lay its eggs, so people aren't allowed to be there after sunset.
The beautiful beach at Marathias, located near Limni Keriou, is a quiet beach that offers the perfect hide-away for those who wish to stay away from crowded beaches. Some of these small beaches can be accessed only by boat.
The wonderful natural arches of Marathias have been sculpted by the sea, which has deteriated the rock slowly for many years to form them.
The Blue Caves are a long way from Marathia, and you may visit them by boat only - a great place for scuba-diving.
There are some mini-markets in Keri, along with other shops, like groceries, bakeries and gift-shops, many of these offer a rich variety of traditional products or sweets, like "mandolato" and "pastel", made with honey and almonds.
Keri doesn't have the crazy nightlife of Laganas, there are only some café-bars and no clubs with loud music. The most famous café- bars are located in Limni Keriou and are open all day. They are perfect for those who wish to enjoy their coffee or a drink enjoying the sea view.
Of course, you can always visit one of the restaurants in the area for a great dinner and then take a shot at dancing Greek traditional dances!



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